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Sausage spices

Erfolgswürzungen from the land of sausage champion
Nowhere in the world is the variety of sausages as varied as in German lands. With our decades of experience and seasoning the wide range of characteristic spice blends we could certainly contribute a significant portion of the selection. During the development and production of various mixed spices on quality and safety our top priority. High quality raw materials and advanced production technology are basic requirements.
Winners range 
We have here the most successfulgrouped together AVO sausage seasonings - from A spik article to ZBestseller mettwurst. 
Meat Loaf / Meatloaf 
Spicy classic savory variations. Anyone looking for the original flavor, which thrilled the south and north, which finds him in AVO.
Cut-resistant sausage 
finest taste, appetizing appearance and perfect maturation - what do you want more?
Everyone knows it, everyone likes them - the crunchy-delicious bite, distinctive taste.
Spreadable sausage  
Coordinated combinations of complete seasoning, high production reliability, perfect ripening process and fine string consistency.
White goods  
Do not be miss this typical southern specialties.
Raw sausages  
Try our spice blends for Mettenden, Räucherenden & Co.
Half-life goods  
we have for success blends the different regional specialties.
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