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Extremely versatile cutting machines for medium-size production runs that can be used for cutting meat as well as other types of food: vegetables, cheese, fish, etc.

Robustly constructed in stainless steel and mounted on rubber legs to absorb the vibrations. The stainless steel tank rests on large ball bearing that makes it very stable while in motion.

A Microprocessor governs the controls, which are clear and easy to use, and enables any problems to be quickly located. The cutter speeds, operating temperature and bowl revolutions are displayed on the control panel. The electrical equipment is integrated into the machine.

Some of the operating processes can be automated as a machine are equipped with an automatic stopping device regulated on the basis of operating time, bowl revolutions and/or product temperature.

The electrical equipment is integrated into the machine.

The cutter head can be completely dismounted, making it easier to fit different heads with different numbers of cutters. The head is equipped with a disc for accurate balancing of the cutter axle.

Fitted with a noise-reducing lid that effectively diminishes the machine’s noise level and slows down the cutters when it opened.

The Cutter lid is locked and cannot be opened while the cutters are rotating. The C120 and C75 models are equipped with gas cylinders to facilitate opening.

Unloader as standard in the C120 model (option on model C75)

Maintainance of the machine is simple thanks to rapid access to all the machine’s operational parts and its centralized lubricating system.

These machines have a variable speed cutter motor capable of operating with 5 pre-set speeds that can be adjusted depending on the product to be process. This function, combined with the three tank speeds, makes it possible to achieve a superior quality with any product. Operates at a range of speeds, from slow mixing to high speeds, which enables it to adapt to the needs of each product.

Slow speeds without cutting for precise mixing.

Faster speeds to obtain emulsions and the desired consistency.

High speeds that cut into smaller pieces, releasing the proteins and aromatic substances of the meat more effectively, thereby improving its quality and homogeneity. These speeds are also useful for processing pig or bird rind into fine pasta.

Use of this machine considerably reduces energy consumption, as the smooth starts and speed changes avoid current peaks.

Machines designed and manufactured in accordance with the health and safety regulations laid down by the EC.

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