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Extremely versatile mixing machines that can be used for all kinds of food (vegetables, meat, fish etc.). They operate with two Z-Shaped arms and rotation in both directions. The two Z-shaped arms give the product  an excellent appearance thanks to optimum missing and kneading in a short space of time.

Machines designed and manufactured in accordance with the health and safety standards laod down by the EC.


· Completely stainless machines.

· Simple lines and smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning.


· Emergency Stop

· Safety mechanism on bowl cover.

· Two-handed unloading control.

· Motors protected against heat and over-intense operation.

· Operating Voltage:24 V

· Press-button controls with IP66 protection.

The cover on model AZ300 is manually operated, whereas the cover on models AZ600 and AZ900 is hydraulically operated.

The hydraulic loader is a standard feature on models AZ300, AZ600 and AZ900.

The bowl-tipping mechanism on all models is hydraulic. It operates on standard 200-litre trolleys.

Models AZ300, AZ600 and AZ900 are equipped, as standard, with a timer enabling the operator to select the total operating time and the part times of each direction of rotation.

The variable arm speed option allows perfect adaptation to any type of product.

Other Options:

· Controlled water dispenser.

· CO2 cooling system.

· Operating cycle programmer (up to 90 programmes) in which it is possible to control the time, direction and speed of rotation of the arms, vacuum level,    operating pauses. Temperature, CO2 injection and amount of water.

· The standard power of the motor driving the arms cans optionally be varied for especially tough work and frozen products.

· T-Shaped arms.


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